Queries, Pubs, and Podcasts, oh my!

I started querying literary agents for my novel. It feels a little insane and ghoulish to be trying to market myself right now, but I know that the entire industry is probably in the same mental space. We’re all confined to our homes, hoping our loved ones don’t die, and simultaneously trying to pretend like everything is normal and go about our daily lives, all while wearing face-masks, plastic gloves, and enough hand sanitizer to kill an ant farm. I’ve had some good response so far, getting several requests to read my full manuscript, so at least that is something to be hopeful about.

My flash story “First Kiss at the End of the World” comes out on April 23rd. It’s about love and climate crisis, but as you can tell from the title, it’s probably going to feel topical.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast released the episode I narrated for them, where they discuss C.L. Moore’s story “Shambleau.” The piece is about a medusa-like character, a monster I’ve always felt a certain affinity for. This episode is not one of their freebies, so you will need to be a Patreon subscriber to listen.