Finalist in the Gold Line Press Fiction Chapbook Contest

Gold Line Press announced their winners and finalists for their chapbook contests yesterday, and I was named as a finalist for their Fiction Chapbook Contest. Gold Line is affiliated with the creative writing program at the University of Southern California, and the contest judges included Danzy Senna, Maggie Nelson, and Safiya Sinclair. I feel incredibly honored to have been chosen as a finalist.

Contests like this are always hard because I, for one, was so happy to have made it to the final five. At the same time, when you find out you didn’t win, that means that particular chance at publication is now no longer available, and that’s really the ultimate goal, right? A book! So you’re happy for the winner but also somewhat sad for yourself. The editors for this particular competition let me know I was a finalist in early December, which was amazing. I so appreciated the early heads up. I told a close friend of mine I had a Schrodinger’s Chapbook that whole time, that it felt like the book was both published and dead at the same time. So in a lot of ways, this is somewhat heartbreaking good news. It’s also something all writers go through. I’ve done a lot of research on small presses who publish chaps, so I’m hoping this little baby finds a good home very soon!


(b)OINK Flash Fiction Contest

I was a finalist for (b)OINK magazine’s very first flash fiction contest, judged by Kathy Fish! Being named as a finalist is a strange feeling. You’re so close, yet so far away. At the same time, however, the winning stories are truly lovely. I’m happy to have been introduced to these three new writers, and to have been considered their peers in some way. I’ll have a different story published in (b)OINK later on this month. It’s one of the strangest things I’ve written so I’m glad it found a great home.

Interview with Jac Jemc up at Fiction Southeast

A few months ago, author Jac Jemc was nice enough to sit down and talk with me about her new novel, The Grip of It, which will be released on Tuesday by FSG Originals. Jac is a unique, talented, and innovative writer. I loved the book, a creepy literary story about a haunted house and the couple who buy it. Our talk is up now at Fiction Southeast!

Congratulations to the Winners of the Schlafly Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest!

I got a very nice email from River Styx on Thursday saying that I had made it into the final round of judging for the Schlafly Micro-Brew Micro-Fiction Contest. It’s always nice to know when you are close as a writer even if you don’t win, so I’ll take finalist any day over all-out rejection. That said, I do think rejection is an important part of the submission process, and something we all have to face. On Facebook, I made a post celebrating my 210th rejection, and I really meant it.

Anyway, I wanted to say congratulations to the winner and runners-up for this contest. I’m looking forward to reading their work in River Styx!